ABOUT US...  We are a church of the United Church of Christ, committed to hearing God's ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today  and responding to God's call through the prophet Micah.... "Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with God".  In doing so we seek to be a community of welcome, support & affirmation for individuals seeking spiritual transformation, all the while recognizing and celebrating who they are—their unique beliefs, questions, age, gender, struggles, race, doubts, sexuality, abilities, etc... Our faith arises out of the belief that God is love, that God calls us to love one another, and that Jesus is the primary way that we as Christians understand what it means to love.  We seek to pick up where Christ left off—seeking wholeness in a fragmented world, working towards social justice, embracing the marginalized, seeking health and healing, caring for the earth, and of course, eating and drinking with friends and strangers.    We cherish some traditional forms of worship and maintain deep roots in many church traditions, and we are also open to being “church” in new ways that speak to the changing needs and understandings of our society.  

Doing Justice, Loving Kindness and Walking Humbly with God

Doing justice... Each month our middle school and high school youth, along with adult members, participate in serving our community.  We have volunteered at Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community which serves adults on the Autism Spectrum; Next Steps, which serves young adults in transition; the Chagrin Falls Park Community Center; as well as members from our faith community.  Everyone is invited to serve  with us, regardless of age or belief. 

Loving kindness, we believe, means welcoming EVERYONE!.  It means being there to support one another during the hard and and good times.  It means getting out into our community and serving those on the margins of society--not to feel good about ourselves, but to be transformed by God's love that we meet in other people and to share what has been shared with us.

Walking humbly with God means for us, including everyone on the faith journey.  Therefore we try to be as inter-generational as we can with everything we do, including worship. Once a month we really try to experiment with worship and engage the WHOLE Church (all ages, abilities, etc...) as well as our whole bodies.  We have had a peace Sunday lead by our youth with interactive prayer stations throughout the sanctuary, Live the Resurrection Sunday where we volunteered out in the community as worship on the Sunday after Easter and came back to eat and share our experiences, as well as Sundays where youth and lay leaders have lead worship, sharing about their summer volunteer experiences.  Other Sundays this past year were centered on themes of St. Francis and the Blessing of the Animals, Bringing things out of the darkness and into God's light, Rainbows, the Environment, Racial Reconciliation, Heifer International, and more.