There are many ways to ENGAGE at Chesterland Community Church.  There are faith formation programs for children, youth, families and women and opportunities to engage in worship through singing on the choir or participating in our intergenerational/art oriented Whole Body Sundays.  All involved are invited to serve on one of our four teams: Outreach, Household Stewardship (serving with our Trustees to maintain the fiscal  health of our congregation and physical well-being of our facilities), Community Team (provides essential hospitality for the life of the congregation, including food and meals for funerals and special events.  It helps maintain a worshipful atmosphere in the church and sanctuary by coordinating the hanging of banners, greenery during advent, etc...), and Faith Proclamation.  You might be interested in joining book club or trying your "hand" at Yoga.  Once you have gotten to know CCC you might even be interested in serving on one of our governance committees or as an usher, or, helping to start a new program/ministry.  Regardless, if you are interested in becoming more engaged at CCC, curious about becoming a member, or if you just have questions, you are encouraged to contact Rev. Jason at the Church office or email him at [email protected].