In this time of social isolation, fear and tragic loss, we as Christians search for ways to continue to be the Church, to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in this world.  There are many, many ways for us to do this depending on our gifts and circumstances.  Check out some ideas HERE for those of us who are looking for more ways to continue to be the Church until we can gather again as a community of faith.  Peace be with you!  


Signs of spring and resurrection are all around us, even in great times of fear, challenge, and even death.   The buds of a Red Maple that was planted in memorial of a loved one; Hostas emerging from the ground that were donated from long time members who have since passed away; a flowering bush from our children's butterfly garden; daffodils planted along our Church's entry-way to WELCOME ALL; the spring fed stream that winds it way through our property, slowly shaping the stone, century after century, giving life; and the Easter flowers  purchased this year which will be given as gifts to be planted at people's homes or on our Church grounds.  All of these remind me of the promise of Spring--the promise of Resurrection--the promise that life is more powerful than death.  These reminders are found in nature, in our lives, in art--all around us.  This Easter season is a season of recognizing the signs of resurrection all around us.