1. Join us for Sunday worship at 10am on YouTube. Like us on Facebook and spread the word. After Easter, we will be doing a series based on Oprah’s Super Soul conversations so that you can watch these episodes at home ahead of Sunday morning and even have conversations with others about them and the spiritual lessons learned. Tune in at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCbLDQFc7Iu7GzAtcfvhNyTQ
  2. Join us for Maundy Thursday service, April 9th at 7:30pm. There will be a zoom invitation emailed out to the congregation that day. Please prepare to have with you communion (whatever you would like to represent communion) when you join in on the Service at 7:30.
  3. Join us for Gatherings, on Wednesday and Sundays at 7:30pm beginning April 15th. These will afford us an opportunity to be community together and just check in with one another.
  4. Call, FaceTime, Skype, etc…. members of the congregation. This is a time where we all need community, support, and connectedness. Please consider calling or even emailing someone in the congregation each day, once a week, etc… If you would like, you can email the Church and let us know who you have been reaching out to so we can assure all our members are being engaged.
  5. GENEROSITY: As always, please consider giving electronically (there is a GIVE button on our website) or by mailing the Church. CCC’s revenue sources are significantly reduced currently, and while our cost of doing ministry is also less, we are still in urgent need of financial support.
  6. SPIRITUAL PRACTICES: Engage in spiritual practices such as: prayer; meditation; read & reflect on scripture or other literature that draws you closer to the divine; spend time outdoors; communicate with someone you care about; engage in art, music, poetry, etc… that reminds you of joy, hope, and love; and/or find outlets for creativity—color, paint, sing, write, build, learn to play an instrument, etc…
  7. DONATE BLOOD: If it is safe for you to do so and you are able, blood donations are desperately needed and being conducted in safe ways to ensure social distancing.
  8. Record a message of generosity to share with the congregation: Our Lenten them has been GENEROSITY. Do you have a story or message of generosity to share with our faith community? Send your videos to chesterlanducc@gmail.com and we will post them over the coming weeks.
  9. Have patience and grace with anyone you may be “housed” with. Some of us are isolated alone in our homes. Some of us are lucky enough to have family members or loved ones living with us. For parents and care-givers especially, the stress of isolation from support, and potentially increased demands for caring for others, is immense. During this time, we can practice grace and patience both with ourselves and those living with us. Remember, we are all likely doing our best.
  10. Look for and appreciate signs of spring and resurrection! On our welcome page are examples of signs of spring which also remind us of resurrection.  We invite you to look for these signs and symbols in your life and community.  Looking for and seeing beauty and signs of renewal, growth and new life, help remind us of life.