Only in the very most recent period in Christianity has there been a movement to have different kinds of ministries that engage people depending on their ages.  At CCC we recognize there are times that are important for children and youth to be in fellowship with children and youth their own ages, but they get so much of that at school, our focus is to do as much of our ministry as possible in a inter-generational way.  We engage youth and children in worship, community service and fellowship, but we always try to mix in people of all ages while making sure the activities are appropriate and meaningful for children and youth.  We do have periodic youth retreats, summer programs for children, times when we invite families together for movie nights, etc... that are geared towards children but they are not the primary focus of our ministry to youth and children. Our primary focus is making all our ministries inter-generational so our children and youth and learn and engage with people of all ages.