Faith formation and spirituality is talked about in many ways.  One way of thinking of it is as transformation, or "re-formation"--re-formation away from many of our societal values (achievement, affluence, appearance) and towards centering one's self in God, as known through Jesus.  This transformation occurs over the span of one's life, but like our physical or mental health, it must be attended to, worked at, and nourished.  Faith formation often occurs through worship, Christian education, and Christian practices in one's daily life (such as prayer).  However, faith formation is not something that is confined to the walls of the Church, or even Christianity.  In an interview with the United Church of Christ, Marcus Borg (Christian Theologian) suggests the five main things the Church should be teaching in terms of faith formation are: Centering oneself in God, as known in Jesus; Compassion; Economic justice; Active non-violence; and Courage to change/transform the world.  Indeed, worship, prayer, Christian education, and bible study, are all resources for faith transformation, but they are not an end in and of themselves-- to be re-formed in Jesus, we must allow our faith to transform our lives, our choices, and our every-day actions.  This work, day after day, is the process of faith formation.  Below are several resources for faith formation which can be engaged individually or within a community, in addition to the many ministries of Chesterland Community Church which focus on faith formation.